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Blue Eco-friendly Meditation Seat: Comfortable Support

Blue Eco-friendly Meditation Seat: Comfortable Support

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Introducing the Minimalist Sitting and Meditation Cushion, a serene companion for your meditative journey. Crafted with ecological buckwheat husk, this seat embodies minimalism while nurturing your comfort and support during meditation.

Designed to help you find a comfortable posture, it offers stable support, aligns the spine, and properly positions the pelvis, ensuring a serene and focused meditation session. But its utility doesn’t end there; it’s versatile enough to provide your child a cozy spot during their favorite games.

The seat’s adaptable design seamlessly integrates into any interior, complementing your space while ensuring your comfort. Its flexibility allows it to mold into any shape, guaranteeing you a comfortable experience every time.

The secret lies within the filling - organic buckwheat husk. It’s pliable, molds to your body, and offers a cooling, airy sensation, making extended meditation sessions more comfortable. We’ve even added a convenient handle, ensuring it’s always within reach.

Not just a pillow, but a natural aid for self-care, promoting calm breathing, serene thoughts, and inner balance. Its classic design makes it a thoughtful gift for anyone seeking tranquility.

About the filling:
- Buckwheat husk: hard, cool, and hypoallergenic
- Specially processed without chemicals or pesticides, ensuring purity and lightness for enhanced comfort.

The buckwheat husk filling ensures stability and slight cooling, allowing perfect air circulation while adapting to your body’s contours.

Customizable thickness:
Adjust this meditation cushion to your unique body structure for maximum comfort. Start with a firm, full husk filling that gradually softens over time. And if you need to adjust its thickness, it’s as easy as pouring out some husk.

Care instructions:
Easily remove the cover with the sewn-in zipper for washing (up to 40 degrees), ensuring a clean and refreshed meditation space.

- Material: Cotton with an outer cover made of knitted cotton and linen
- Size: 13x30cm, Weight: approx. 2 kg
- Color: Grey
- Packaging: Tissue paper with sticker or cotton pouch
- Filled with the finest organic buckwheat husks, crafted with certified cotton and linen, equipped with a zipper closure, made in Poland, and tailored to your needs.
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