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Eco Double-Sided Pillow with Buckwheat & Spelled Hulls

Eco Double-Sided Pillow with Buckwheat & Spelled Hulls

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Welcome to the versatile comfort of our double-sided pillow! Crafted with two independent pockets, each closed with adjustable zippers, this pillow offers customizable height and a unique sleeping experience.

One side features a pocket filled solely with premium buckwheat hulls, renowned for their natural support and breathability. On the flip side, we've filled the pocket exclusively with spelt hulls, allowing you to switch between the gentle, contouring feel of spelt and the firm, supportive nature of buckwheat—simply by flipping the pillow!

But the benefits don't stop there. Embracing the natural properties of grains, our pillow offers a myriad of advantages:

♡ Facilitates faster and easier sleep initiation
♡ Alleviates back pain, migraines, menstrual discomfort as well as sinus, joint, and rheumatic pains
♡ Offers relief from bladder inflammation
Regulates the sweating process for a more comfortable sleep
Reduces snoring tendencies
♡ Acts preventatively against bedsores
♡ Induces a relaxing sensation for a night of rejuvenating sleep

Indulge in the holistic advantages of our grain-filled pillow, a natural solution for your sleep and well-being. Experience the difference with every restful night and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the day!

Width: 45cm

Height: 60cm


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